December 11, 2019 By SnapSentry

Any Jane or John Doe with a snappy index finger, is now a “professional.” The everywhere nature of the smartphone is squeezing the photography industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 6% decline in the next decade.

Even with all the change, some photographers continue to thrive. Part of their success comes from smart marketing. Check out our guide to 5 pros of watermarking to promote your business.

1. Watermarks Showcase Your Talent

The photo speaks for itself. That may be true, but who took the picture?

A watermark can be a subtle yet effective means of branding your business without ruining the composition of the photo. Almost every physical product you buy has a logo on it. Why should your photos be any different? Don’t pass up a chance to sign your work.

2. Watermarks Protect Photos from the Competition

Your watermark protects your photos from theft. A competitor may envy your shot and swipe it. Theft is even more prevalent in specific genres such as real estate or restaurant photography.

If your picture is good enough to be stolen, then why not get free advertising. Also, your watermark is an easy way to prove a thief’s malicious intent if you pursue a lawsuit.

3. Watermarks Allow Wide Distribution

You can network with vendors when you share your watermarked photos. Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer. It’s a good idea to watermark promotional images to generate referrals with partners such as caterers, cakeries, or florists. Watermark your photos to work up that word-off-mouth moola.

4. Watermarks Boost Social Media Recognition

Your watermark is a mini-billboard pointing people on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms back to your website. It’s only a matter of time before you receive the right call or email all because you branded your photos and company.

5. Watermarks Give Phone Numbers and Business Details

Never forget the basics. There’s a reason that a radio ad repeats the phone number twice. Getting people to pick up the phone or visit your site is the lifeblood of your enterprise. Word of mouth and testimonials are still the best sources of new clients.

You won’t put a quote from War and Peace, but for the right audience, your address, phone number, email, or social media handle may be helpful.

The perfect example is the above vendor-friendly wedding photographer. Real estate agents could put a broker’s name and team name. For some, a website might be all that’s needed. The details should be like a good Oscar speech that is long enough to do the job yet brief enough not to steal the show.

Watermarking Photos Is Promotion Made Easy

Now that you realize not putting a watermark on your photos will cost you big. How do you get it done fast and effectively, especially if you have batches?

Try our quick and easy free watermark software, SnapSentry, today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a watermark?
    A watermark is a superimposed, transparent message on a picture or image (usually a signature, stamp, or logo).

  2. Where can I create a signature watermark online?
    It’s a few easy steps. First, create a SnapSentry account. Afterwards, upload or design your signature. Then, watermark your photos with it.

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