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You’ll love making watermarks with SnapSentry

Multi-Photo Watermarking Apply the same watermark to many different images in just a few clicks without having to watermark each one individually.
Logo Watermarks Overlay a logo or image on your photos. Easily adjust transparency, size, and rotation of your logo.
Text Watermarks Add a copyright statement, website url, business address, or opening hours to your photographs. Easily adjust the font, text size, rotation, and style of your text.
Easy To Use Watermark Editor Drag your watermarks around, rotate them, change the size and more with our easy watermark editor. It is easy to understand and use.
No Sign-Up or App Download Required Watermark your photographs right in your browser on any device. You do not need to sign-up for an account, and you do not need to download any custom software.
100% Data Privacy You do not need to register an account to use SnapSentry, and none of your photos are ever saved on SnapSentry servers.

How to Watermark Your Photos


Select Your Images

Choose the photos on your computer to watermark. You can select multiple-photos at a time.

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Create Your Watermark

Click ‘add watermark’ to add text or a logo to your image. Rotate and manipulate your watermark however you like.

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Download Your Images

Download your watermarked photos - that’s it! Clicking download gives you a zip file with all of your watermarked photos, ready to post to social networks, add to websites, or include in broschures

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SnapSentry really free to use? keyboard_arrow_down
    Yes! You can watermark an unlimited number of photos for free with SnapSentry.
  • Who owns the copyright to my photos after they are watermarked? keyboard_arrow_down
    You retain all the rights to your images, they are your property and using SnapSentry does not give us any right to use your images or photos for any purpose.
  • Can your staff see the photos I upload to SnapSentry? keyboard_arrow_down
    No. Our software works inside your browser, so your photos are never uploaded to our servers. We have no access to your photos.
  • How many photos can I watermark at one time? keyboard_arrow_down
    You can watermark up to 10 images at one time. If you need to watermark more than 10 you can process as many batches of photos as you like.

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